One Summer In Kansas

One Summer In Kansas

6 chapters / 1731 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


*Novel* [NOT COMPLETED] Avery Tyson, a 17-year-old senior in high school, is an a successful writer in the making. She's the 2nd child of 3 daughters, and hopes her dreams come true. She's more focused on school than boys, and she has a great sisterly relationship with both of her siblings. But something tragic happens and scars Avery's family for life, affected everyone's relationships with one another. 2 months after the incident, things start to change, and Avery hopes her writing career takes off. But a boy steps in the picture of her dreams. Is she ready for a summer of romance and dream pursuing?
Read this sad but romantic novel about losing someone, gaining someone, and following dreams.
Original idea by Gabriella C.G.
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Drama, Romance, Novel



over 4 years ago Gabrielle Lugo said:

awww I was just getting into it come on you have to write more I feel so bad for her I have an older and younger sister I would die if my sis passed away


about 5 years ago Kirke-Anne237 said:

Oh my goodness! This is so amazing, yet so sad. I am dying to know more! Please write more!


over 5 years ago Abbey Evans said:

You are... an amazing... writer. All I gotta say!!!

Me and hannah

over 5 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

First off I wanted to apologize for taking so long to return our swap. Now secondly, I think that you have a good idea here and a lot can be done with it, but this piece needs a lot of work. There are a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes throughout it, too much telling and not enough showing, and the story is pretty flat. You need to draw the reader in and make them want to continue reading but this doesn't do that. It was hard for me to get through because of how often there were mistakes in it and you jumped around a little too much. Read through it again and fix the mistakes, tighten it up a bit, and I think you could have a really great story in your hands. Good luck!


Hatter's hat

over 5 years ago MCT said:

This is really good. I like it a lot! It is a saddening and uplifting story rolled into one. A perfect, realistic romance. A great break from the supernatural aspect of things. This was very real, very possible, and very relatable. You did a great job of letting the reader inside the narrators head. It was fantastic! I just had a few notes. Use them, do not, it is your story. :) -“Ahahaha no. I’m not trying to get somewhere over the rainbow. “ HA! Ok I like died when I read this! Lol it really made me laugh. -“And I am definanetly a virgin, I’m positive.” Ok definitely is spelt…definitely lol and I would make this two sentences, or just get rid of the I’m positive all together. It does not really make much sense. -Chapter 4 ‘They barely talked, barely socialized with anyone; not even L.Z. or I.” Ok so I am just going to rewrite this so it is grammatically correct. “They barely talked, barely socialized. Not even with L.Z. or me.” If you only change one thing, the I needs to be a me. And you cannot use a semi colon in that sentence because “not even L.Z. or I” is not an independent sentence. There is no verb or subject. By the way, I like the name L.Z. :) -“Like I’m the only one who still has hope; still thinks of the positives in life. “ Again, a semi colon cannot be used in this sentence. It separates and independent sentence from an independent sentence, not independent from dependent. Id re-write it like this. “Like I’m the only one who still has hope and thinks of the positives in life. Again, nice job! I liked this. I hope you continue with it!


over 5 years ago said:

I love this, Gabriella! I wonder when the romance starts!