Ten Years Ago

Ten Years Ago

6 chapters / 13078 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Ariana Medina could never let go of her past boyfriend, Salvador
Marquez. After she left for New York at eighteen, Salvador
promised to come back into her life so they could get married. As
a few years pass, Ariana comes to realize that Salvador
won't be returning. She starts her new life back in
California and meets Zachary Levard who becomes her fiancé. Now
at twenty-eight, she's sure everything's right in her
life, but a letter from Salvador from a long time ago gets Ariana
remembering. It's crazy, especially when she has a guy
who's everything she needs in her life, but Ariana thinks
she still might be in love with the guy that never came back.


Drama, Romance, Novel


The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

I loved this story! If possible can you read my updated story, concealed truth. Perhaps leaving a comment would be nice. Thank you (:


over 4 years ago Thalia Bowman said:

I LOVE IT!!!! I would like it even more if you keep going so I can see what happing next and even more if he came back but it really sad but then happy all at the same time! :) -Thalia

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over 5 years ago Juli Zalinski said:

I loved this! I can't wait to read more of it since I don't have the time to complete it right now but later I definitley will! I liked the characters and the plot was unique and interesting. You did a really good job.


over 5 years ago Recollection said:

Loved what I've read so far!



over 5 years ago agatha said:

Oh my gosh oh my gosh OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Please please please don't be done with this story. Please. I absoluelty love this story. And im not kidding, one of my favorite parts was whenever Zach was telling Ariana that he wants to know what's upsetting her! I really need to find out what happens next so please keep me posted!


over 5 years ago Maya Black/Brenna Helquist said:

I am frieken' inlove with this story. Although I could only get to the first chapter, I was hooked from the beginning. Sweet, sweet sweet!!! The relationship between Salvador and Ariana was SO realistic, and relatable, and could I mention sweet? The flashback between them was honestly my favorite part. You could tell they cared for eachother, and their dialogue gave them real depth and they made me laugh. A lot.

I cannot wait to see where you go with this :)

Here are some issues I found:

"She shot her big brown eyes at Zachary with a shocked look from not noticing that he had walked into her bedroom"

I don't know, this sentence stuck out from the others. It was stiff, it didn't flow as well as the others did. It felt a little awkward, and that you were telling more then showing.

You should maybe try using more vivid adjectives, because you used the word "big" a lot to describe. Maybe change it up a little?

Also, at the end when Ariana is talking to Jessie, make sure to make "Yeah you did." into "Yeah, you did."

Another thing, you described Ariana a lot too. Like, maybe a little too much. You described her long, brown hair twice and it got kinda repetitive. And TRUST ME, I am a constant offender of over-describing characters, vividly with tons of imagery.

Hope I helped :)