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~WIP, ON HIATUS~ Kassadee Cade and Gale Barrington have been anticipating the bagpipe band's annual trip to Boston since November. Now it's four days till the parade, and the band isn't as together as the band director, Mr. Fletcher, would like.
But that seems to be the least of their worries.
An innocuous trip to Quincy Market takes a turn for the worse when Kassadee and Gale disappear suddenly in a video game store. The parade is the next day, and it looks like the band will be short a bagpipe player and a dancer.

*Warning, explicit language*


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about 5 years ago Rachel Elkin said:

I read the first chapter and it seems like a great start! However, the beginning was a little bit confusing and your paragraphs are a bit choppy. Still, I like the way you portrayed your characters and this seemed pretty realistic. Great job overall.


*this is for our swap.*


over 5 years ago Selina freakin Falcon said:

I only read the prologue and chapters 2 & 3, but I really like this! Very interesting! Keep it up!

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over 5 years ago Lee Morvan said:

seems very interesting so far :) i like it. unfortunately i dont have time to read the whole thing..


almost 6 years ago Maile Burnett said:

As a band nerd, I am totally hooked. I am definitly going to try to read all this eventually. Right now I am in chapter 3.



over 5 years ago Hally Loo said:

Seriously, this had amazing discription. I only found one or two minor errors, and even they were hardly noticable. Your explanation/discription for everything is simply amazing, and it really held the readers attention. The topic isnt something that urges me to continue reading, but thats just me as a person. Its a biased oppinion, and I wouldnt be surprised if NO one agreed with me. Great job, seriously.


over 5 years ago Abbey said:

Wonderful description! I especially love the paragraph in the prologue after the dialogue. Of all the stories I've read of yours (so far), this has been the best!