The Irksome Character Alphabet

The Irksome Character Alphabet

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I love the Mary-Sue alphabets, so I made one of the irksome characters one encounters in fanfiction and roleplaying games. None of these were intentional, by the by, so if anyone is all "Burrhurr that's muh character!!11!" um, sorry bro, but I didn't mean this as a stab at anybody.

I had WAY too much fun writing this...

Dear God, after doing this I really do need some brain bleach....them Suethors all think alike, eh?


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over 4 years ago Irina Chua said:

Nice one


almost 5 years ago Infinity&Beyond said:

So funny :D


almost 5 years ago Fyreflare said:

I totally loved this poem! Just so intensly funny! I may not be much of a role-player, But this works to perfectly! Alas! My thoughts are being rhymed! Now everything is poetry, Goodness gracious, Allykat! What have you done to me?!


about 5 years ago Scorpio Ryder said:

This was really good! It flowed very well!



about 5 years ago Vulpes said:

bahaha this was great! Very creative - Reminded me at first of a poster I have of the alphabet, but each letter is a child's name and then there's a rhyme about how this child dies. It's a little morbid, but, you know, I'm a poster collector. Anyway, I really loved this. You have great sense of Rhyme and I felt this very enjoyable to read!!

too bad there aren't more letters!


almost 6 years ago emily said:

I love this. It's looks like it took a while for you to write, because it consists of so many characters to use. The names were original, too. Nice job!