The Wallflower and the Prankster

The Wallflower and the Prankster

16 chapters / 21147 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Alazne 'Alana' Martina is a self-proclaimed wallflower, so it surprises her when she got caught in a prank by the handsome prankster, Joshua Grey, which ends in a kiss, and a punch in the nose.
Now it seems Joshua is everywhere,and wherever Joshua is, his childhood friend, Sara Humfrey, is sure to follow. Can Alana handle Joshua's world, or will she be a wallflower forever?

Joshua 'Josh' Grey, a prankster, a heart-throb and a daredevil. He'll do anything just for attention. When the school's wallflower, catches his interest, he realizes there is more than the present; there is a future. With two successful siblings, everyone expects him to have an great future. Can he pull himself together, before he loses his only chance to have a future?

As told by the wallflower and the prankster, themselves.

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Writing, Comedy, Romance


Black dewdrop rose

about 4 years ago Johanna Wood said:

Just read the epilogue for this on Wattpad. It is the most incredible story ever and although I am sad to see it end, you did it perfectly and I love everything about it. Honestly, I am thinking about reading it all over again. I loved it that much. All the best with your future writing and feel free to keep me posted on any future stories that you write. Thank you for such an incredible read! :)

Black dewdrop rose

over 4 years ago Johanna Wood said:

So glad you updated this on wattpad. I love it! :)

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over 4 years ago Ava Gregory said:

other than the grammatical errors, this was great.

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over 4 years ago Ava Gregory said:

in the sentence, " is Jackalopes real?" It seems funny that a honors student would use grammar like that.



about 4 years ago Rachel B.J. Michelle said:

I love this story, it's amazing.


about 5 years ago Epic said:

Sorry for the screwed up formatting. I copied it from word.