The Blackbird's Lament

The Blackbird's Lament

1 chapter / 114 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Written in typical fairy tale verse, a fable about the hopeless blackbird and his beetle captors.

A/N: I just wanted to say that this poem may be a fable, but it definitely requires interpretation. There are a lot of comments regarding the beetles, but they mean something. Just think about it.


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over 5 years ago L. L. Violette said:

This is absolutely gorgeous. The imagery is wonderful, and I adore the rhyme scheme. Your style reminds me of that of Emily Dickinson; brilliant, but almost timid. I advise you read "Hope" is the Thing With Feathers. I think it would be a wonderful source of inspiration. Good job, keep writing.



almost 6 years ago Nadege Richards said:

I definitely see potential here to be the next Poe. I like the eerie feeling this captures the reader in. And your writing is very professional.


almost 6 years ago QueenJen said:

I reallyyyy liked this :) Everything flows together so nicely, and it seems like a poem written by an expert in the trade ^_^

Excuse me while I read it again... Truly brilliant :)



almost 6 years ago Lexi said:

I loved this! The cover and title was what drew me into reading this, and I'm so glad that I did! Great job! :) -Lexi



about 6 years ago jumbo-jett said:

For our swap!

I really felt like I was reading Poe or something with this. It's really that good! I especially liked the first stanza. The ending of the third stanza didn't seem like it rhymed to me though. Maybe I'm pronouncing "featherby" wrong?

Either way, I don't really have much to say about this poem--I couldn't find any spelling/grammar errors, and I wouldn't change a line! The ending was also a perfect way to wrap up the poem.

This may be the best poem I've read on Inkpop.

Unfortunately, I'm out of poem pick spots this month. However, I will do my best to remember to pick it in December, because it really deserves it! (Feel free to remind me.)



about 6 years ago Mira said:


I don't really have much to say. Poems like this leave me speechless. Your vocabulary and usage of words is incredible. Bravo.