Concentration (Finished)

Concentration (Finished)

30 chapters / 62261 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Meredith Cappolli dreams about leaving. Being trapped in a place you can't leave is bad enough. Having super powers that put you there is even worse. Subject to tests and training, the facility Meredith is stuck in is no piece of cake.
Awesome cover by Olivia Ossege! :)

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6 months ago Pauline JC said:

I didn't finish this yet because I have a lot of reviews to do! But I will definitely get back too this. The storyline is very interesting. Well, I think anything that has supernatural powers is interesting! Your few paragraphs are also very gripping and strong. Sure, it doesn't start with action, but it starts with the main character's thoughts, which builds her character. Her voice is strong, and that is something I really love about your writing. However, I think saying "My name is Meredith Cappolli -etc." makes it less impressionable. Idk how to explain it. It just isn't as appealing to the reader because it's so basic, you know? Try changing that, or at least make it less blunt and more interesting. But overall, good job!


6 months ago melanie mills said:

This was fantastic. I could only read a little, but I really enjoyed what I read. The idea that you have is fantastic and I cannot wait to read more. I will try to do so later. :) Keep writing!


about 1 year ago Arabela said:

Hi. I go to BYU- Utah, and I'm studying editing (Elang430R, if you want to look up my class) and I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me use part of your story for a project we are doing in class. We would be copyediting and reformatting the text in Adobe InDesign and creating a new cover (not that yours is bad). We only need about 30,000 words because it's just a sample. I could send you the finished project back in December. But if you are not interested, I understand. Thanks for your time!

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about 1 year ago Laylah Kenzie Corrally said:




3 months ago Josh Borg said:

Nicely done! I'm a sucker for superpower stories that don't involve "superheroes" so this story had my attention from the start. Telekinesis is also one of my favorite powers, so once again, I was captivated. I've only read the first chapter, but I am curious to see where the rest of the story will go!

You do have some grammatical errors here and there, however, but not bad enough to where I was thrown off too much. Also while you've got a very interesting story brewing up here, you do lack a little bit in scenery description and details. I'd suggest adding a little more to Meredith's observations within her narrations to provide a little more of an idea of the area around her and the people she interfaces with.

Other than that, great work! This will probably be a story I come back and finish at some point. Keep it up!


over 1 year ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

Okidedoke I read chapter 8 and well, I had to go back and look at ch. 7 since I forgot what was happening. First of all, this was extremely interesting. I loved their little runaway to the Empire State building and I love how we get to know each of the characters...and well, you can just read all my other thoughts about the generality of your novel from the comment from like six months ago.

I have some concerns and suggestions for this chapter in specific though...I took them while I was reading so sorry if they sound terse. Hope it helps and keep in mind its my opinion so feel free to ignore.

"Two of my team were in love" should probably be "Two of my team (members) were in love."

Some of your dialogue isnt indented so it sort of threw me off on who was talking.

There are some spacing problems throughout the piece. For example "In Manhattan" needs a space. It happens twice throughout the chapter.

Soo Gabe starts sleeping because something is bothering him and because of this the Mc is concernted. I will say that that doesnt really make sense to me, especially since usually its hard to sleep when something's bothering us. Maybe change it to he was dazing off or having trouble concentrating. Something like that.

Wait they teleported into a bathroom? A family bathroom I'd be really awkward since its a cogender party and well...bathrooms arent co-gender.

Anyways hope that wasnt tooooo terse. Keep writing for sure (although I realized you already finished this story) and hopefully this review was helpful!