For the Love of Sam and Eva

For the Love of Sam and Eva

22 chapters / 73449 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


Eva wasn't interested in love or romance. Usually tied up in sport, school and friends, she was constantly juggling your life in her small clumsy hands.

Until the fateful day a quirky boy named Sam accidentally kicked a soccer ball into her face.

Soon after, the order of her life went out of whack.

Unable to help herself, Eva soon finds herself falling for Sam, who's determined to be the best he can be for them. Her life has a little spark in it now, and she doesn't know whether she likes it or not.

Soon she begins to discover that love isn't exactly what she thought it was, and that's more than give and take. When Sam is suddenly shrouded in mystery, like she never knew him, she knows she has to make a choice.

She has to decide whether their love is worth the fight, or whether it's time to let go.

Was complete until I lost the original transcript. I'll be coming back to this soon.

Shout out to AbbyRainbowSkittle for the cover!


Writing, Comedy, Romance



over 4 years ago DarkMini said:

I love it, this is the first book I have read on Figment and I really want more!! :D


over 4 years ago Mimi said:

I just finished the whole book and you absolutely have to continue. The story is intoxicating. Keep writing. It would be interesting to see what will happen at the party. I really hope Greg gets what he deserves.


over 4 years ago Linda Dionne said:

I like the beginning of this. Very cute and funny.

Black bird

over 4 years ago Aviline said:

I read only the first chapter. Man, is this amazing! I love the last line for the first chapter, the only chapter I read. It makes you wonder what happens next. Congrats on being on the homepage!



about 5 years ago Annabeth M. Chase said:

I've absolutely loved this story. Start to "finish". Please please please keep writing more! Anyway, I love the way Sam and Eva have a friend relationship first... It's way better. The way Sam stutters when he's nervous is beyond cute. This is like.... Romeo and Juliet, modern day, and without all the dying. Nick is amazing! He's so funny and great. Emily rocks too. I don't get the whole point of Eva's sister but she's a great character. I loveeeeee Eva's dad. You've painted a great character. All of them! Wow... I have NO regrets. Please please PLEASE keep writing. I think I'll die if you don't. :(


almost 6 years ago Insighter said:

I've read up to page 40 and I stopped. It's not that your book isn't pleasant (as in it wasn't difficult to follow along or did it have a lot of grammatical errors and things like that) to read, I have no interest in it. After 15 pages, I had to tell myself to keep reading, to give it a chance...

I think one of the problems for me was that I had no interest in the main character. Her personality did not appeal to me. Her character wasn't boring per se, instead I found that she had no spark to her. I had no motivation to read her love story because I felt like I didn't know her. That's a problem. After 40 pages, you have to give me some reason to continue. Why would I continue to read this if I had no interest in finding out about Eva. I got the gist of the mom, the dad, and Nick's personality but nothing from Eva.

Another thing is after 40 pages, I was looking for that hook that would make me keep reading the story. But there was no scene stealer, something for me to grab hold of. I cringed at the nickname Sam gave Eva: "Sunshine". It's not an ideal nickname an 18 yr. old would give and more like what a parent would call their daughter instead. I've read the other comments on your book and I'm sad to say I had to stop before I got to the good parts. I'm intrigued about the bit with Sam's dad, why he broke up with her, and the anorexic part. Sadly, It didn't come soon enough so I have to end the free read here.