Worse than my aunt

Worse than my aunt

3 chapters / 926 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Amy Pond while waiting for her Raggedy Doctor.



over 3 years ago INACTIVE ACCOUNT said:

AMY! COME BACK. God, I miss Amy. And River.

Tle amy pong

over 4 years ago June Lucas said:

No! Don't do this to me! Oh, so sad, and I loved the quotes from the show. :)


over 4 years ago Charlotte Oswald said:

OH MY GOD IM ALMOST CRYING! I love the Doctor and Amy so much...koodos to u


about 5 years ago Leen PhoenixRae said:

I enjoyed reading your take on what could possibly be going through Amy's mind while the Doctor rambled on and on about this & that before the crack closed.


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over 5 years ago Gina Victoria said:

First point, I love the doctor and i also love that you've put a new dimension to Melody, where we don't see a lot in the show... I also love the structure of the story: like a poem, but not. Very nicely written:)