In a New York Minute...

In a New York Minute...

13 chapters / 4560 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


In a New York Minute... Anything can happen.
Lucy Fowler is a sophomore at NYU, studying Creative Writing. Lucy is just trying to survive in a huge city with out her mother, who abandoned Lucy and her sister Beatrice 2 years before.
Ben Jacobs the rebellious son of a Massachusetts entrepreneur. He left home the day after graduating his prep school, and decided to try living on his own in New York. Without his father's help.

In the beginning few chapters, I have made a few minor detail changes. Don't worry! Nothing major! Just some characteristics of Lucy and Ben, and a few tiny details. Lucy and Ben just seemed a little hallow to me, and so I added a few quirks to them that I think you'll like. For example, Lucy's wing-tip shoes.


Romance, Novel, Poetry


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almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Awesome story! And if you ever get the chance do read some of my writings as well. Thank you. (:


over 5 years ago David Nolan said:

Great job! I loved the idea of writing a story through an elongated poem, and i think this poem is perfect. It was followable, but still had details and descriptions like a poem should. Great work!


over 5 years ago shadley said:

I read the first few chapters. The stucture caught me off guard at first and it somehow both made me pay more attention whilst distracting me as well.


over 5 years ago Casey Nygaard said:

I loved it! Keep up the good work! =)



over 5 years ago Vic said:

So amazing and cute! I LOVE this story! The relationship you're building is sweet and believable, and your verse is beautiful! No complaints at all; keep writing!!!!!!!!!!! :D


over 5 years ago Hannah Sproch said:

That was unbelievably cute and fantastic! You better write more soon! :) I honestly reeeeeeeeeeeeeally loved that!

I have a few suggestions just to help it become the best it can be. The first thing I noticed was that you sometimes had too many line breaks, and it got kind of jerky. That was mainly in the beginning, though. You can tell your writing is improving just by eight chapters! :) Have you ever written in verse before? It can take some getting used to. I learned that the hard way with one of my stories. ;)

Another thing I noticed was, in chapter 4's 1st stanza, you used the word 'mind' twice. I'm really just nagging, but I would switch one of them out with brain or something just to keep it from sounding repetitive. Oh, and in Chapter 7, you have a random quotation mark before the 4th stanza. Just letting you know.

I noticed some minor grammar errors, but not anything noticable if you're not a grammar nazi (like me). I suggest having someone else read through it, because I can always pick out errors from other people's stories, but never my own! Probably since when I reread through it, I tend to skim every now and then.

Well, you've earned yourself a follower! That was a nice read; I love stories like this every now and then. Very feel good and relatable. You better add more right away though, because otherwise I might burst!:D