Midnight with a Handgun

Midnight with a Handgun

1 chapter / 982 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Old, noirish short story I wrote. Also available on Everything2.com



almost 6 years ago Ishanee said:

I love your way of describing things, its unique and captivates me. Well done.


almost 6 years ago Opal said:

Caught my attention! Makes you want to read more. Well done!


almost 6 years ago Jessica Miller said:

This was really well-written. The only thing I would say is that the character seems a little flat. There are people who probably do what he does all over the world, so it would have been nice to see a little uniqueness to him. Other than that, I enjoyed it very much.


almost 6 years ago Olivia C.H. Atter said:

Great writing! I was confused at the end but then again that's just me-



almost 7 years ago Realexis said:

Your prose style relative to comedy reminds me vaguely of a very young J.D. Salinger. The comedy at the end is very funny, in contradiction with the situation, and fits perfectly for the story, once more it has great pacing and flow. My only critique being that, though the character was unique, had no real depth/identity, overall, I did like it but I would just like you to give your character more personality.