Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

2 chapters / 264 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


*Novel* [NOT COMPLETED] Bethany Wright, a 10th grader about to enter 11th grade, is the practical teenage girl. Her sweet 16th birthday is a week after school starts, and Bethany hopes the year will be perfect. With a new attitude, a new wardrobe, and a brand new car, Bethany's ready to tackle her 3rd year of high school. With Julia and Robin, Bethany's BFFS, by her side, nothing is gonna ruin her school year. Until she meets Jordin Freeman, a 12th grade hottie with a bad rep. Bethany falls for him, but her parents aren't so comfortable with their teenage daughter going out with a guy who isn't a virgin.
Read this exciting novel about romance, rebellion, sex, and drama. Find out what Bethany will do to date her crush, and the consequences that come with it.
Original idea by Gabriella C.G.
Cover from Google™.
Cover created by Gabriella C.G. on™.


Drama, Romance, Novel


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over 4 years ago Angela Ku said:

omgawsh..i wanna read this soo bad... plzz writeee or gimme daa access keeyy! T^T hey im a chirstian too, and i understand how hard it is sometimes to live up to that. becoming more Godlike...even your parents expecting you to be perfect sometimes...bah. it's hard. tell me when you update :) i wanna read this! God bless, Ku~ x3


about 5 years ago Jordy Leigh said:

Love it. Keep writing more. This isgoing to be a great story

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about 5 years ago Alec Frost said:

How the HELL did you get Selena Gomez to pose for this cover?


almost 6 years ago Dani Nicole♥ said:

I can't wait until you continue this!!!! I need te access code for the second chapter



almost 6 years ago Abbey Evans said:

Well, I'm embarrassed now..


almost 6 years ago Abbey Evans said:

I know exactly how you feel! You poor thing, don't worry, things will get better! I believe in sex after marriage, for like ever, because you know, i don't wanna have sex with some one who doesn't care about me. Hunny, don't worry, you'll get passed this (: && always remember, God loves you for who you are, and he'll forgive him. But only if you can forgive yourself. I'm not trying to preach or anything, just trying to help.