A Different Sensation

A Different Sensation

1 chapter / 1193 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


PLEASE READ FIRST AND HEART****** For the Perception contest. When Marie realizes she can tell someone her family's biggest secret, she doesn't think twice about picking Jonathan. But there's one thing she thought he wouldn't do, but she was wrong. And when you're wrong, there're consequences.


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over 5 years ago Miranda Foley said:

Wow. That is an amazing concept. The ending is shocking and very unexpected. I loved it! I do have to say the actual writing just seems.. like it jumps from place to place, if that makes sense. It just doesn't really have a rhythm/flow to it. But you still did a good job :)


over 5 years ago Little_Diva96 said:

Very… different. I like the fact that her mom is her best friend. I’m sad that Jonathan decided to tell, but a very peculiar ending. I found a few grammar/punctuation errors, but other than that perfect. I’m not used to reading this kind of stuff, but now I can’t wait to read more.