The Adventure Someone Ch. 2

The Adventure Someone Ch. 2

2 chapters / 2268 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


Introduces the female lead, Mette, a schnapps distiller from a frigid, polar country. She's currently dealing with seasonal affective disorder, but that's nothing donuts, alcohol and fantasizing about adventure can't fix.



about 5 years ago Dragons and Dragonflies said:

Again, perfect detail- though not quite as much as the first chapter. Great job creating Mette. She's awesome. Do you know how good you are? A lot of published works aren't this detailed.


about 5 years ago Erica Cortez said:

Hehe, okay, I really like your style and how this is going so far. I enjoyed this chapter. This was funny, well detailed, and well written.

The flow was good, and I loved Mette! I will be back for another chapter to see how this continues to pan out. Good job and keep writing! :D


about 5 years ago Ella Rose said:

You have a great writing style! This definitely seems well polished and ready to be put out there. I love it! I'm intrigued to see how this would be in first person. But then again, I don't know what you plan for this so maybe 3rds better xD Keep it up!

My nikon

almost 6 years ago Jasmine Bailey said:

I liked this as well as the first chapter! Great characters! :)



over 6 years ago Charlie Heh said:

Love Mette! She is a spunky girl! I think your style in this chapter was much more impressive than the first, and I love the personalities and situations you created that make Mette and even minor characters more 3 dimensional.

A very inspiring chapter, and beautiful writing!


over 6 years ago Rinske Roeleveld said:

The girl with the iron liver

Oh, that sounds promising in a negative way. Okay, let’s begin. Who wouldn’t trade donuts for fish, furs, potatoes and alcohol? So far I like Mette more than Brant, her personality is very strong and she’s got guts. I also like the way you make her interact with her so-called friend with benefits, it’s very natural.

Again, your style is impressive. You’re very good, you use complex, descriptive sentences that never seem to be too long or too packed with information. I only followed you because I needed to find your account again for the swap-deal, but I’m not planning to un-follow you anytime soon. Great job!

Behind the writing

Still impressed about how much thought you seemed to have put in every single name.