1 chapter / 790 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Hope you enjoy!



almost 6 years ago JD said:

Great story. Well written. The protagonist reminds me of that Star Trek character that is only capable of logic.

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over 6 years ago Anna Koulouris said:

Very cool story. I think adding on would make this very rich. Your main character's near obsession with her would make for a good twist at the end of the story. For example, if we discover as readers that he subconsciously sabbotaged her life the whole time in order to be with her. A fatal attraction type of thing that no one saw coming. Just a thought


over 6 years ago Andrea Marie said:

Thanks Christian! And I'll fix that typo ;P


over 6 years ago Ian Christ said:

the whole math solutions running parallel with solutions to real life problems is a very interesting approach. i'm not sure i've ever seen it done before, but if i have it definitely wasn't as well executed as you did here. very good job. i did notice a typo though. "There, on an old bench, sits Natalie. Her face is streaked with tears, and she is hunched forward. I her hands," i think there should be a verb or something right there. outside of that, i really enjoyed it.


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