Save Me

Save Me

30 chapters / 81772 words

Approximately about 7 hours to read


What is “Save Me,” you may ask. It’s more than a project, more than a student film, more than a story about love and lust, more than our friendships, and our hopes and dreams. It’s our deepest secrets encompassed into 120 pages. It’s the one thing that is of the utmost importance this summer. To you it may sound minuscule, but to us, it might be our last memory before college.

When Amelia, Chelsea, and Miranda embark on the nearly impossible notion of creating their own film the summer before they start college, Amelia takes this time to find herself. She writes about her deep secrets that even her close friends don’t know about, while battling these demons and her self-esteem. In the midst of hiding and exposing herself, she wonders if Matt, playing opposite of her in the movie, is hiding something from her too. Loosely based on true events, it’s a heartbreaking tale of self-discovery, on and off screen romance, and the importance of life-long friendships.


Writing, Romance, Novel



over 2 years ago Marquis Vincent said:

Wow, I was so shocked to see you updated this when I got the e-mail about it. It's been 2 years since our daily swaps. How have you been? Hope to hear from you soon

Luffy waving

almost 5 years ago Shannon Sheu said:

I guess you depict teenage life pretty well. I'm not really into this sort of genre, but it seems like a good story (I read the prologue and first chapter, skimmed the second chapter, and skimmed the chapter before the epilogue.) Also, I don't think "Four Years Later" at the beginning is necessary (the fact the narrator is reminiscing on the past already implies that it's in the future). Not much else to say; the first couple of chapters were sort of slow for me (the paragraph-long character intros would probably fit better towards the beginning of the chapter), but again, I'm not especially into this genre so take that with a grain of salt. Good luck with finishing your story!


almost 5 years ago Aim said:

I'm attatched. I only made it past chapter 2 but I am so curious. I can't wait to read more.


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

From what I read, this is a great story. Your character development and descriptions are awesome and really make the story one that the reader can connect to.



over 4 years ago Marquis Vincent said:

Take 21

Hm, this is my first time of hearing about Amelia’s ability to sketch (unless I don’t remember) I’m probably just being nitpicky but it would be a nice trait to have known earlier. Then again, it’s been awhile and my memory is a bit blurry. I know the feeling that Ameila is experiencing right now. Knowing something is going to end, but doing your best to avoid it. Wow, that just really hit close to home. You’re portraying this fear very well.

There wasn’t much I could find myself to critique in this chapter. On to the next one!

Take 22

There we were—the three of us, just [standing?] there with no words to say. Standing sounds better in my opinion.

“….so I guess I should tell you about that. [“]

Wow what a tremendous chapter. You’ve given the readers a lot of conflict. At times though, I felt like some of it could have been condensed because it get’s a little too much, but nothing to the point whereas I want to stop myself from reading it. I’m really glad that Ameila finally found the strength to tell Miranda and Chelsea about her previous relationship with Brian, and her current relationship with Matt.

Chelsea’s story was absolutely heartbreaking. I teared up a bit at a few parts. I think it was very courageous of her to share a story like that with her friends—most people don’t so that right there shows she is a strong person. I also rarely read the subject of STD’S discussed in YA novels so I think you tackled that issue perfectly, without going into too much detail and derailing from the story.

I want to apologize for me taking almost a month to get back to you! My boyfriend of almost three years and I decided to end things, so I completely lost any will to write/or read because he was my muse.

But I’m fine now. So here we go! 

I have to read take 23 but i didn't want to keep you waiting so yeah. I'll try to do it ASAP! Thank you for your reviews


over 4 years ago Marquis Vincent said:

Take 19!

“I called Matt’s cellphone after I parked my car and was walking to his house.” This sentence sounds a bit odd. I think you should consider rephrasing it to something less “telly” and more “showy”. “I took in his scent and hoped that [the] moment would never end.“

I’m a little conflicted on how I feel about Amelia. She seems to contradict herself a lot. She doesn’t really delve that deep into how lonely she really is. I know it has to do with her father being dead, and her past relationship but I feel as if it is not enough. I wish there were more instances (going back to the beginning) where we could see this loneliness factor play out. Like have her being the outcast when she’s with her friends, are always zoning out, or being in her own world. Things like that seem to be missing.

Wow, this makes me want to go and re-write my entire sex scene. You wrote this in such a crafty-not to explicit way. My hat goes off to you.

One thing though, I don’t know what you mean when Amelia says, “I helped him put the condom on, not like he needed the help, but desired it.” Are you saying he wanted her to put the condom on?

Over all this was a pretty damn good chapter. You clarified some things—like their thoughts about each other before the whole movie thing came about, and what they mean to one another. Like I said, I’m a little conflicted on how to feel about Mel’s “loneliness”. I really think that needs to be shown a little more thoroughly throughout the story, as opposed to just talking about it here. You did however, show how damaged she was from her last relationship pretty well though.

Take 20!

What a beautiful way Amelia described sex. I really adore that paragraph. It is so true.

I think you should revisit this sentence, “I was considering taking back my no?..”

Miranda is coming at Amelia kind of harsh, but I understand her frustration. I think Amelia should add more emphasis on how much of filming/working on the project she’s missed because her attack came kind of left field. (Maybe she did but you know I forget stuff within the huge gaps of my reviews)

This was a short and sweet chapter. I can’t wait to see where things are going now. Are you done writing this yet? I’m almost to the end!

Great work 