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Friendship, doesn't last forever. Yet you cry everytime, now it's time to look for the people who are worth crying over.... Having a hard time finding those few people. Dedicated to one who shall not be named. :)





over 5 years ago Bri Gaudett said:

That was awesome you should publish this

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over 6 years ago Neely said:

Other than that i liked first poem I have ever liked! :)

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over 6 years ago Neely said:

This kind of reminds me of how I was bullied a couple of years ago. The girl who did it we had an on and off friendship, and whenever she was brought down she would bring you down, with her.


over 6 years ago Kendall Danielle said:

i was supposed to write a review... but it's too hard to write a review for poetry. Loved it.



over 6 years ago TheaLynn said:

Very brilliant! Wonderful rhymes and emotion. One thing I can suggest is giving your poems a bigger ending. This was so powerful but the end wasn't strong enough to end the poem. It's a good ending, don't get me wrong, I'd just experiment more with power in your poems. You drew the reader in, you kept them reading, and you don't want to drop them at the last second. You are controlling the poem. All-in-all, very good! I understood your emotions and you got me hooked, don't leave me hanging. ~Thea E.