The Possibly Imaginary Bathtub

The Possibly Imaginary Bathtub

1 chapter / 366 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Is there really a bathtub sitting right there? (A/N: The cover is a real-life picture of the Possibly Imaginary Bathtub. It even has its own Facebook page! Follow it and maybe the Possible Imaginary Bathtub will be more than Possibly Imaginary to just a few people!)



over 5 years ago Sarah G. said:

haha! this made me laugh! :)

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over 5 years ago Lissie Bales said:

What the HECK?

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over 5 years ago SunRay said:

This is hilarious! Love the charm of the interesting characters and their discussion. Made me smile :)

Sozo 034

over 5 years ago Angelica Huffman said:

This cracked me up!! Proves to me how silly some things can be :)


Snow queen

over 5 years ago Margot Lefevre said:

Hey! Nice thought but it is supposed to be a lot of dialogue not really much of description. Sorry!