P.S. I Hate You

P.S. I Hate You

1 chapter / 286 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A girl finally stands up to her bully.

*A/N This won second place in the unofficial Short Short Story contest.



about 5 years ago Karen Preston said:

I was bullied in school. I wanted to let you know I could feel thisgirls pain and anxiety. Good job!

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over 5 years ago Madeline Hastings said:

As someone who can relate to this, I thought it was great!

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about 6 years ago Shaye said:

This is fantastic! You should continue


about 6 years ago 1 said:

This story made me: grin. there should be a button saying grin. It made me grin because she was just so honest with everything, and then in the end she basically said, "to hell with this letter, screw everything. I'm just going to go up into her face tomorrow and tell her to suck it all up and leave me the hell alone because I am sick of her crap and if I have to live one more day with her bullying me...I will not be held accountable for my actions. Because I'll just snap on her. And I doubt the teachers, my parents, and the bully herself would want her to spend her entire summer with a broken nose."

That's what it was like to me. Not saying that she is very violent, just fed up with it all and is finally going to do something about it. It really made me grin. =)



over 5 years ago Abbey Evans said:

Woah, a little mistakes, but gosh was this ever amazing! Made me shiver. Great job!!!!


about 6 years ago Megan Nichole Jensen said:

First off, I'd like to say sorry to you if this actually happend.

Second off, if it didn't, you told one hell of a story.

I have never been a victum of bulling (well, maybe name calling), but when I read something like this, it shoves the uncomfortable thought of having someone hit you and torture you for no reason into my head. It's not a good feeling, and that's coming from someone who non-dramtically stands on the sidelines of bullying, and is screaming inside my head to go over and make the fight stop.

I have to say, the emotions of the story, and probably the word choice made me most like this story. Everything else in the story was perfect otherwise. You did incredibly good on this, and it makes me want to read it over and over again. Great, great job Alex.