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How dark and lovely we are, yet so fragile.


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about 5 years ago Cassidy Petrillo said:

I couldn't help myself, I had to read this. I'm glad I did, this is really good! Nice word choices.


almost 6 years ago Emily Kate said:

This is so beautiful! I love your word choices and everything flows together so well!


almost 6 years ago ST said:

How invasive! You get into the tissue of your lover and glorify it. This is an interesting idea. I was not completely digging the part about the wings because it took away from the imagery of the subject's bones, flesh, and blood. Well done!

Me and hannah

almost 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

I really really liked this. It was so beautiful but slightly creepy at the same time with the descriptions! You really brought everything to life. Nice job!



almost 6 years ago Emma Oliver said:

Hi Ryan,

Wow, I'm starstruck. It's interesting how you're taking anatomy and making it into something less living, more like a building. I can feel all the textures and colors that you're speaking about which means you have awesome imagery. I just did a chiaroscuro unit in art so I found it interesting that you picked that as the title knowing it's meaning. Also, it's interesting how you split up the functions of the human body into different metaphors. I'm just amazed. Words can't cover how I feel about this.



almost 6 years ago IzzyFizzy said:

This was really nice! Rhythm: There was no rhyme, but I think that rhyme would have made this poem a bit lighter than it should be, so that's fine. The meter was pretty good, it only got awkward in a few places butt read it out loud a few times and I think you can spot these and fix them with adding or subtracting a word. Subject matter/content: The imagery was splendid, I could see everything in my mind, and the meaning was obvious but at the same time now (if that makes any sense)