The Release of an Insomniac

The Release of an Insomniac

1 chapter / 566 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


*Winner of multiple categories in the first annual Figment Awards!*

A story about a man with insomnia spiraling out of control.

Amazing cover by: Hailey Morgana Kendricks


Drama, Suspense, Horror
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about 6 hours ago Mystique said:

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4 months ago Savage1264 said:

Haha this is more funny than scary. It is funny how the voices tell him to practically commit frikin suicide.


5 months ago Matthew Thomas said:

I really liked the tone of this. Creepy ending and the fact that it's relate-able makes it that much more creepy.


12 months ago Layla Drew said:

Honestly, I love this. And it was just so amazing. FANTASTIC!


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over 1 year ago Imit Zeha said:

The author's mastery of prose and rhythm is apparent in this piece. The way the author boldly outlines a sense of desperation and focus on the minute details such as the blood running from the character's hands and the emphasis on the exact time the character had felt unrested is a testament to the author's understanding of the major theme of desperation for relief that this piece illustrates. This piece is a worthy offering to The Gate.


almost 2 years ago Bobbi Engram said:

This feels so realistic. You captured the struggles of one who has been suffering from extreme insomnia in a very believable manner. The way you described the voices and how they coincided with his death was brilliant. The one thing I would say is that you could go into depth a bit more to describe exactly how insomnia affected his day-to-day life. Overall,excellent piece.