The Release of an Insomniac

The Release of an Insomniac

1 chapter / 566 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


*Winner of multiple categories in the first annual Figment Awards!*

A story about a man with insomnia spiraling out of control.

Amazing cover by: Hailey Morgana Kendricks


Drama, Suspense, Horror
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about 2 years ago Bobbi Engram said:

This feels so realistic. You captured the struggles of one who has been suffering from extreme insomnia in a very believable manner. The way you described the voices and how they coincided with his death was brilliant. The one thing I would say is that you could go into depth a bit more to describe exactly how insomnia affected his day-to-day life. Overall,excellent piece.


over 2 years ago Shree Shetty said:

I really really liked this, I actually felt it. I just think that you could've elaborated more so the people who don't know the insanity of insomnia can also experience it. Great work, you have an amazing talent!