Catching Dreams

Catching Dreams

1 chapter / 1187 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


We always dream, every single night. whether you remember it or not, you dream. it's part of us, our unconscious minds use it to ocupy the time in between going to sleep and waking up. At the slightlest touch, I'll see your dreams. I would like to say I'm a normal person, but, as you've just discovered, I'm strange beyond your wildest dreams. But dreams don't mean a thing when it comes to reality- or do they? *quick author's note note to say thanks to a friend of mine who was always ready and willing to give help on this story whenever I needed it. you know who you are and Thank you so much.



over 5 years ago Hannah Murray said:

i love it!!


over 5 years ago miya said:

Great job!!! :)


over 5 years ago Angelheartxox said:

oh, and where did you get that cover??? it's absolutely beautiful *wink wink, Nudge Nudge* xxx


over 5 years ago Angelheartxox said:

if you don't win - they WILL be sorry xxx haha xox



over 5 years ago Aythia said:

Amazing work but I felt that the first paragraph was a bit long. I was almost tempted not to read your entry but I did and I enjoyed it. :)

Piece of advice though: Try not to make your paragraphs seem so long. It may overwhelm the reader.