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They would never accept us for who we were, but I didn't think that mattered.I was wrong.



over 2 years ago Rose Hollands said:

I really don't think you have any idea how fantastically talented you are, Jenni. And one day I shall buy your first novel, and at the till I shall announce to the whole of Waterstone's: "THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT BOOK, AND I HAVEN'T EVEN READ IT YET. I JUST KNOW. BUY IT, PLEASE. THAT IS ALL."

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over 2 years ago Brenda Shell said:

Wow. That was really unexpected. A very well written piece.


over 2 years ago Stephanie Marasco said:

I liked this. You had awesome imagery and details that really captured me as I read this. Even if it was a little short I loved the way you kept the reader drawn in throughout it and the ending didn't seem cheesy or anything. Nice job!


over 2 years ago Angelica said:

I thought Leslie was a girl at first I like how he acctually wasnt


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over 2 years ago Monique van den Berg said:

Spectacular! Your skills are not going to waste... Never a dull moment it was really good. Never stop writing, the world needs good authors...

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almost 3 years ago Marina Harper said:

Wow! I read this book because it looked interesting, and it was really, really good! I saw like, nothing wrong or missing at all! Good job with the story!