McKlainly High

McKlainly High

14 chapters / 17188 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


This is a fanfiction based on Kurt and Blaine when Blaine comes to Mckinley and Karofsky is still there


Writing, Romance



over 4 years ago femalemalls102 said:


Share a website with you ,

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Believe you will love it.


about 5 years ago Briana Colfer said:

Felt like I was there watching Kurt and his Blaine. : )


over 5 years ago Shiverpass (Grey E.F.) said:

Love this story so much.


almost 6 years ago MistakenIdentity said:

@Starkid 95 - Thanks I can read the second chapter now


Black bird

over 4 years ago Aviline said:

Okay. Just to say this first. This was great! I started the first chapter, but I lost the link before finding it again. Amazing! Keep that thought in mind as I review this.

The beginning is amazing. You can totally feel as if you are next to the couple as they go through life. I haven't see the episodes with Kurt and Blaine a lot, but I've seen enough. You made the couple act just like they would in the show.

But... once you hit at least the halfway mark, you start to lose the great grammar and hit some rocky roads. You make the story keep up, but your grammar dies down. There are people talking in one paragraph at the end with Milo and Mickey, and it is very distracting. You lose some capitalization, and some things are spelled wrong.

But... In chapter 10 has courtesy of listed in the song. You should fix that. I skimmed through the songs mostly, but the dot com thing stuck out. I know most people like you would copy and paste a song (I did that for Piano Girl) into the story. Just make sure no copyright things are in the there. The people who actually read the song might be surprised.

This is a good story. Congrats on being on the homepage! ;)