The Depths of Insanity

The Depths of Insanity

3 chapters / 2997 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


**Inspired by Downton Abbey and lucid dreaming**It mainly revolves around a girl named Lucid, but occasionally around a guy named Ecton and Lucid's sister Posy. It's set in a time three years after World War 1, except it's in a different world and World War 1 is called the Latter War.
Lucid has betrayed her childhood friend, Ecton. A month after apologizing in a letter, Lucid receives her reply, and Ecton is willing to give her a second chance.
What happened between them, though? Will she betray him again?
Will the story leak out into society?
I don't know. I was hoping you would know.


Novel, Drama, Mystery



over 5 years ago S.J. Bouquet said: thing xD make your paragraphs shorter. They are HUGE.


over 5 years ago Ashlyn Helligso said:

Sorry I didn't get back to you but the cover on there is really good.


over 5 years ago Ashlyn Helligso said:

Ok whats your email, Ill send it as soon as I can but im going to be gone for a few days, soory.


over 5 years ago Ashlyn Helligso said:

Would you like me to make a book cover for it.



over 5 years ago Faith Dolack said:

From what I've read so far, I really like it! XD I will probably read the other chapters tomorrow and write reviews for them, as well.

Here are some things I noticed while reading the first chapter:

1. “I fold up the letter, the creases so worn from me opening and closing it repeatedly nearly tearing.” -Add in “that they’re” after “repeatedly.

2. “It has been a month since I had received the letter, and still I have yet to answer it.” -Cut “had” and “still.”

3. “I can never tell what is true or no when it comes to Lucid;” -Change “no” to “not.”

4. “Why would Lucid try to make amends between us, when obviously she has gotten what she wants: to be rid of me.“ -End this with a question mark.

5. “and that she is regretting everything she had ever done wrongly to me.” -Change “had” to “has.”

6. “and maybe she is considering writing yet another letter addressed to me, askance of why I have delayed my reply for such a long time.” -“Askance” is not the word you are looking for here. “Askance” is a way of looking at something.

7. “but as she became more of a proper girl, her uniqueness has begun to stand out.” -Change “has begun” to “began.”

8. The first paragraph after the letter was really, really big. I would suggest breaking it up.

9. There were also some punctuation mistakes, which if you want, I can point them out.