2 chapters / 4447 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


Kindergarten: Where boys have cooties, there's no such thing as a backstabber, and colouring a title page is a big assignment. Not as simple as you may think.

When trouble maker Brooklyn Carter is expelled for stealing and crashing her principal's car, her mother decides to think up another punishment to help teach her responsibility. Instead of sending her to another school, Brooklyn is sent to volunteer in her mother's kindergarten class. It is there that Brooklyn meets an enthusiastic kindergartener named Daisy.

But when Daisy's mother passes away from cancer, Daisy begins to close up, Brooklyn takes it upon herself to hold the class together as it threatens to fall apart, and help Daisy to open up. And it is then that Brooklyn finds that nothing is as simple as it seems.


Writing, Comedy, Novel



almost 5 years ago Scarlett Symphony said:

Okay! I'm just reading this because I like it!! I can't wait for more! I'll be following you and awaiting the update.


over 5 years ago Tyanna J Snider said:

Swap for Le Morte D'Arthur Cover:

This was really cute! I love how realistic your MC is and the dialogue was perfect for the pace and the plot line! Can't wait for more!

Autumn reflection

over 5 years ago Olivia said:

hey! I love this! Please keep going with it!!


over 5 years ago Elaine Harlington said:

I like this so far. One typo in Chapter One "by how stupid" and other than that it was good. I like how Mr. Jacobs never said her name like she wanted. Her mom is...interesting. Would be nice to see where you go with this.



over 5 years ago Eilowyn said:

OK, so. Swap for a cover.

First of all, the rave. I had to read this two times becasue the first time I read it just for fun. The second time was for the review. What a good story!!!

Awesome plotline. Really. You had me hooked from the first sentence, all the way to the end of the second chapter, where I couldn't believe you left off.

Your characters are all unique and well thought out. Brook is has such an ATTITUDE that you just can't ignore her! I was shaking my head from the first paragraph. Her poor mother! I can't really comment on the other characters becasue I haven't really seen to much of them yet. I can't admire the principle, but I feel kind of bad for him dealing with that c**p.

I didn't see any spelling errors, which is refreshing, or grammar errors, which is inspiring, but I think you forgot a quotation mark in the first chapter when the principle is telling Brook she is expelled.

Interesting, well-written, well developed. Can't WAIT to see how this plays out. A well deserved heart! Wish I could give you more!



over 5 years ago K.A Nicholls said:

I read the entire thing, and found myself enjoying it. You write dialog so well!

I could imagine the actual discussion between the principal and Brook in my mind so clear, even the snarl-like hiss in the principal's tone when he gets corrected by Brooklyn.

Well done! Thanks for the good read.