Believing The Sound

Believing The Sound

2 chapters / 1323 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Nobody believes that Kou can hear Death, and though never a believer herself- now Lucy is not heard when she tries convincing others that she is in fact dying from no cause. It's a story of opening ears to the truths and lies we all wish to tell without fail. It's a story about what happens when we take the time to listen. Reaching out to Kou means destroying her ego, decreasing the image of her sanity even further, and dragging an already outcast and misunderstood Kou down with her.



over 5 years ago Cassandra Thornleigh said:



over 5 years ago Girl In Black said:

really good, like your characters! please finish this!


over 5 years ago cassidy said:

This is SENSATIONAL. Well done! I really enjoyed reading this. Is there any more coming any time soon?


over 5 years ago Ollie D. said:

This was pretty great. I enjoyed the concept of it and I thought it ended pretty well. Good job! You are definitely gonna be a world class writer one day.



over 5 years ago wells. said:

This is an incredible work. The description caught my attention immediately because of it has a reminiscence of a Twilight Zone episode. A soldier who can see Death on people's faces. Anyway, it did not disappoint in the least. The imagery was amazing and painted a vivid portrait of the interactions and environment. The only other thing I could ask for from this story would be more concept. I was drawn in by the content, but temporarily forgot the direction by setting myself in the story. I loved this story, I just want to see more of the concept. It would be a really fun one to explore!


over 5 years ago ThreeNightsYoung said:

This is amazing, original, and well written. You only have to space out the words who and I? They are paired up next to each other as one word. Also, down on farther you put "ym" instead of my. This was extremely well and I hope I will be on your update list so i can read the next chapters to come. (Hopefully soon)

XOXO- Katelynn, you're new follower (;