7 chapters / 7664 words

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I was breaking open with it. Ache for the friends I'd lost, for Asher's smile, the healthy, reliable body I used to have. For everything before they all turned on me.


Fantasy, Romance, Drama



over 4 years ago Toni Elizabeth said:

This was amazing! I really felt that you grasped the human emotions and used them so well to create that suspense and hook we needed to keep reading. I was enjoying it so much and when it ended it I couldn't help but feel more than a little disappointed. I really, really do hope you continue this because the plot is sooooooooooo good so far. I want more! So keep writing, If you don't finish this I might become the annoying person that hunts you down and leaves a bunch of comments on your walls until you do>-


over 4 years ago Emma Kate said:

This is really good! When I found out that the girl's nickname is Emma (which is mine, if you haven't noticed) I felt a little creeped out as well as even more interested in reading the rest of what has been writen. :O I hope you write more! I loved the details and your writing is absolutely fantastic! Keep up the awesome work! - EB


over 4 years ago Taren Paige said:

Are you going to continue this??? PLEASE???

Keep Writing! *T*

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over 4 years ago Aviline said:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Congrats on being on the homepage!


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over 4 years ago Keyona Fazli said:

powerful and captivating. not my type of genre, i can't bear loss and death, but this sucked me in. great work!