The Unsolvable Dilemma

The Unsolvable Dilemma

8 chapters / 3038 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


There are no words... just read it.
A note;
It's supposed to go really fast. This piece means a lot to me, and it goes fast for a reason.


Writing, Drama, Horror



over 5 years ago Camzie said:

This is so depressing. but the truth.


over 6 years ago Holly(Avengers Girl) said:

i read it.


almost 7 years ago M. Smith said:

ok, I'm commenting again because I was in too much shock last time I commented to write a real comment. I actually had nightmares after reading this . . . that sounds like a bad thing but it really shows how powerful your writing is. I love your characters and I can really feel their emotions. Really AMAZING job!


almost 7 years ago M. Smith said:

Wow . . . really, really depressing - in a good way though. That is devasting . . . but GREAT JOB!!!


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almost 7 years ago Adam Stephen Awesome Belcher said:

Try having a more formal narration. The narrator was very informal and it feels a little alienating.

Black eagle 1

almost 7 years ago Evan Bruning said:

I read the whole thing, and i liked it. It really is an unsolvable dilemma here. A depressing story, you set it up, then finish it quickly, i like the way you paint the relationship between Laura and Carrie, and the ending is very realistic. Keep up the good work1