Cat & Mouse

Cat & Mouse

1 chapter / 79 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A victim is determined to get her vengeance.


Writing, Thriller, Poetry




over 5 years ago Lexi said:

That was cool...


over 5 years ago ariana sexton-hughes said:

good work. the twist is nice. good rhythm.... powerful

Picture 062

over 5 years ago Katie Darrow said:

This is incredible. All of your writing is incredible. It flows soooo well, and the rhymes come easily. Keep writing!

Spotted snarl

over 5 years ago Sara Thorne said:

Sweet, simple, powerful. Clear imagery, great rhythm, simple message. Good job.



over 5 years ago Connie X. said:

Wow what a great poem! I really loved your use of meter, and most people hate using that since it's really hard to master, but you seem quite good at it! I also liked the underlying message and the metaphor with cat and mouse. Nice cover as well. Overall, great job!


over 5 years ago Jasper♬ said:

This was great! I really like the rhythm this beat had. Made it very...catchy. One thing I noticed: The only form of punctuation was a question mark. Not sure if that was intentional, just wanted to let you know. I really like how there's a bigger message behind this. And the rhymes? AWESOME!! They fit perfectly and didn't sound cheesy at all. Double thumbs up!