I Just Want A Piece of Cake

I Just Want A Piece of Cake

1 chapter / 222 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


*I thank OvercomingDyslexic for this cover.



6 months ago Emily Dawn said:

Will you write any more of this story? Or is this it? Anyway, i thought it was really funny how Joe wanted something but the baker said he dosn't have it. It's hilarious!


over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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over 1 year ago </3 said:

That was kind of sad. Poor guy. All he wants is to celebrate his anniversary with his wife. I understand this on a spiritual level.

Red hart

about 3 years ago Rachel D. said:

I think I got frustrated with Joe, and I wanted to reach through my screen and strangle the baker and yell "Just give him his goddamn cookie hearts, man!" Nicely done, I loved this!



over 3 years ago D.D. Rivera said:

It was really funny. We've all been in that situation, when things just seem to go in twists and turns, just to avoid getting what we want.

I am curious to how the rest of the conversation would go. Does he just get fed up and walk away? Or does he stay and argue?

I feel, if you were so inclined, the story could go longer. More gags and more characters. The story could turn into a full ten minute screenplay or something.

P.S. Perfect title for this story.


about 5 years ago M.E. Faris said:

This was definitely a silly bit of fun. Poor Joe should get a pat on the back for remembering his anniversary.