Let Me Have My Soup

Let Me Have My Soup

1 chapter / 213 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Kinda of a sequel to "I Just Want A Piece of Cake".



over 5 years ago Nolee Balaqua said:

Very funny! well done!


over 5 years ago claire-D-cat said:

i like this, but you should continue it!!!!


over 5 years ago Goodie Two Shoes>:( said:

Hahaha. Wow. These are great!


over 5 years ago Lilly Moore said:

This is really funny! I especially liked the end with Beverly chucking the water at the waitress! :)



over 3 years ago D.D. Rivera said:

I had just reviewed your other story, "I Just Want a Piece of Cake" and, honestly, i noticed similarities right away. But that in no way changed how funny this story was.

It was very similar to your other story, but it was, at the same time, very different. For both stories it seemed as if these people are just messing around with these customers. And paying for water? I would throw the glass too.

I also noticed that the bakery and the cocina both have "Folio's" in the title. Maybe the owner is just one mean person or he has some kind of condition, but i could like to know about this Folio character.

Unless Folio is not a character and I just made myself look stupid in front of everyone.

Happy giles ed.

about 5 years ago Iri said:

This is pure comedy. I like CS' idea of Beverly asking for the manager. He'd be even funnier than the hostess.