Second Door On The Left

Second Door On The Left

1 chapter / 1194 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Arabella Whit is visiting her somewhat insane Aunt Celine in Florida over spring break. While she is there, she discovers her ability to see Doors, portals leading to other times and spaces that only a few others can also see.
This is an excerpt from one of the longer stories I'm working on. I had to cut out several parts to meet the length requirements for this contest (six words to spare, whoot!) but hopefully it doesn't seem to choppy.



over 5 years ago tiffany williams said:

Heyy sorry for the lateness, have so many swaps to do. This is awesome, I love the concept and idea and the way you've written this good job.


over 5 years ago Leah J.J. Summers said:

Swap for Tainted Soul. This was very amusing and I laughed a bit since I thought Herodious Spitzworthy was so flippin' funny. The manner in which he talked was just funny! If there were spelling, grammar or punctuation problems, well I didn't see them. I was swept along in the story! Amazing job and this should definitely get more hearts!


over 5 years ago x said:

Your story is very nice! The names easily incorporated with each other, like Celine and Emmett. Also, the details were quite vivid.... Plus, there weren't any mistakes and errors whatsoever, so I think you'll definitely do great on the contest! Nicely done and please keep it up!(:~



over 5 years ago Sabrina Anne said:

This was a very enjoyable story! It was easy to read, had enough detail to keep me interested but not so much that it felt forced and way over-explained, and there was a clear voice in it.

I spotted a few places where you used the wrong word. For example: ".I honestly have know idea what you’re talking about." The 'know' in that sentence should actually be 'no'. I also saw it in "’ll have to make due with an abbreviated explanation..." The 'due' should say 'do'.

Otherwise, excellent work, and I wish you the best of luck in the contest!