Eternal Scars

Eternal Scars

4 chapters / 6042 words

Approximately 30 minutes to read


Stacy cuts herself. It all seems fairly normal. That is until she meets Stan. He's smart, funny, and cute. He's also Ant's, Stacy's best friend, brother. What's a girl to do? Stacy gets stuck in many awkward possissions where she finds her relief in a knife. Will Stacy ever stop cutting? Will she and Stan be together, or will Ant succeed in keeping them apart?


Drama, Romance, Novel



over 5 years ago Parinaz Hemmat said:

That was sooooo good!! But I wish you could write more chapters in it. Like maybe one that Ant finds out or something... Idk just keep up the good work!!


over 5 years ago Em Kam said:

this was very sad and very good. nice work.


over 5 years ago Beth Connolly said:

PS i only read chapter one because I'm using a school computer and I don't have time to read more.


over 5 years ago Beth Connolly said:

wow now I'm kinda scared. This made me think about what I could've done when I used to cut and what my friends couldve done when they cut. It made a shiver go down my spine and the emotion was great. The only problem I had is that she had the urge for no reason. Normally theres a reason someone wants to cut. For me it was my family and for my friend it was bullying that made her cut. I think it would be an even better story if you made there a reason for her to cut. it would make it more realistic


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