Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

6 chapters / 7475 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


Work In Progress.


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



about 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

I read chapter one because it was all I could read. I found it amazing. I love the thought and detail you put into this.


over 5 years ago Koda said:

This was realy good.


over 5 years ago Nevil A. said:

This is a great start! I loved how you used some historical names, like Rasputin and Apophis. Although some small spelling mistakes, it was really good!


over 5 years ago Katie Chaos said:

I like how you started out with a history to provide the reader with some background - interesting to see where this goes! There were some spelling/grammar mistakes you might want to go back and fix, but nice job overall :)



over 5 years ago AnQi Yu said:

Very similar to the Inheritance Cycle. (Could be a good or bad thing). There are a few typos, and a few grammar errors, but nothing too major. Overall, I like the tone. One suggestion is to create a stronger hook. This is okay right now, but it doesn't pull me in right away. I think this a good start with a lot of potential. I am looking forward to reading more!


over 5 years ago Brittany Bryant said:

Minor spelling errors. And a few gramatical ones. Go back, and fix those problems, and this story will be good to go!