No God, No Father, No Lover

No God, No Father, No Lover

1 chapter / 849 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


He`s always been a lone, always been hurt, always been called names, he`s always been an outcast.

This is a poem i wrote because i told a girl i was tired of being good and she asked me why, and i wrote this as my response.


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almost 5 years ago Anon said:

Heartbreaking... beautifully written.

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over 5 years ago Margaret Estum said:

Honesty, I almost starting crying because I can relate the only thing that hasn't happen is the dad walking out. I have a problem with one family member saying I shouldn't be myself. I think he shouldn't give up on God "he never gives us more than we can handle", haha. I loved this poem and felt a deep connetion with it. I hope you keep writing because I LOVE reading your writings! You're an amazig writer!:)!

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over 5 years ago Julia Warner said:

Aw, this is lovely and sad all at once. I can literally feel the boy's loneliness. This was very easy to relate to, and it seemed to flow very naturally. Nice work! :)


over 5 years ago Ivy Blu said:

I almost cried. I swear! I'm so like this, I don't even know where to begin. I was reading through it after you commented on The Boy Who Trapped My Heart, and I was like "Oh, well, I guess I 'll read something of his and tell him what I think of it." But I got here, and I started reading and I was like hey! That's me! The rhyme scheme is perfect. The prose if delightful. And just like everything else of yours the words flow together with such harmony it's amazing. I can identify with this so easily, my father seen me at the hospital,took one look at me, and left my mother. It's like hey! How much harm can a baby do? Unfortunately, it's quite a bit. I'm ridiculed at my school,called "scarface". Oh, I'm getting off topic! I cam here to tell you I liked something of yours and started telling you about me! Ha! Well, I'll get off here. But before I go, remember, your work is beautiful and you're an amazing writer.



almost 6 years ago Jhanie said:

This is my favorite piece of writing. I feel like this should get a prize. You really captured the mood you were portraying. I felt like I wanted to cry. I almost did. Reading this made me feel depressed and hopeless and just really made me want to help him. You made it seem so real. Fantastic job (:


almost 6 years ago cassidy crickenberger said:

wow. this is depressing lol. but i like it anyway. i dont know what it is but i just like depressing things. any way this was well written. and you could certainly feel the emotion surging through the poem. and the length of the poem added strength to it too. it had a nice rythme and it explained the situation perfectly. i really liked this. well done.