I'm Sorry (A Hunger Games Tale)

I'm Sorry (A Hunger Games Tale)

1 chapter / 633 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Its been a month since Peeta Mellark was captured by the Capitol at the end of the Third Quarter Quell. Every night Katniss suffers nightmares, searching for Peeta, and every night, best friend, Gale Hawthorne is there to wake her up. Katniss loves Peeta, that she is sure of but what happens when things she refused to ever speak let alone discuss are a reality.


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over 5 years ago Samantha Woo said:

Aww so sweet! I love the HG. Can you read my fanfic? honestly, i didn't think i'd ever write one, but i was absolutely obsessed the week it came out. :)


over 5 years ago Mackenzie Levy said:

Sigh. This is a really nice story, I feel like it is a cut-out scene from catching fire or something, so good job. I only sigh because I'm team Gale and I hate that she 'loves Peeta more.' But, besides from a few grammar mistakes, good writing!


over 5 years ago Sarah Barbie said:

This is great. This story should be in the book! as should your other one


over 5 years ago Anne said:

As a fan of "The Hunger Games", I would like to tell you that this was pretty good! I almost think that this should have happened.



over 5 years ago Brianna Maguire said:

Again, parenthesis are things you left out: -"Katniss(,)" I heard Peeta (this happens twice) -L(capitol)ooking around, my surroundings began to transform(.) -Gale(')s -What(')s -"What's that supposed to mean Katniss(,)" -H(capitol)e was looking Again, I admire your ability to transform a teeny scene into something amazing. This was really cool and I almost wish that it had happened.(: