The Chalet Tales

The Chalet Tales

3 chapters / 494 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A modern version of the Canterbury Tales.


Writing, Sports, Poetry



almost 7 years ago Alex Sharms said:

Nice! I Like the rhyming and it flowed nicely. A+



about 6 years ago A.Myuze said:

Some errors I noticed:

"Surrounded by the those with their snowboards" -Take out the 'the'.

"He wanted to work on an essay to keep from getting board." -Wrong one, it should be "bored."

"When from the ski patrol with a gleeful shout dug him out" -This part, there's something missing yes? The description of his savior from the ski patrol. So I'm guessing it's: "When from the ski patrol, with a gleeful shout, Came an Alpine Patroller who dug him out " -simply my suggestion.

I think my favorite parts would be: "Where he would sit for hours Studying everything from languages to flowers. The air in his room grew musty And all of his possessions grew dusty." -It just has this hook and rhyme to it that I adore, very nice!!

And the ending: "To convince you, like it did me, that the best thing in life is play." -Oooh I so agree! And a very fitting ending.

Overall your rhythm was very good as well as the flow, and your tone was constant throughout. I adore the Canterbury Tales and you did a great job with your own original version to it!

Great job! Keep writing!! ^^