The Moon Heir

The Moon Heir

1 chapter / 1194 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A nearly stuctureless poem based on a novel I wrote with my friend Kat Behrend.
Maksen is the youngest son of the emperor, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot please his father. On a quest to prove himself, can he gain his self-esteem, make his father proud, and save the empire from the evil magician Xenon?


Writing, Fantasy, Poetry



about 4 years ago rylie van wingerden said:

WOW. Er, that's like all I can say. WOW.


about 5 years ago G.C.VICALDO II said:

A very mystical narrative poem. And the fact that it was from a novel, blew me away. Great verses...


over 5 years ago NicoleLautore said:

Wow, this was really different. I liked it. Very mystical. I also liked the flow of the poem. When I was done I didn't realize how long it was or long I'd been reading. Great job!


over 5 years ago Willow J Flynn said:

This was so good! The poetry was wonderful. You provided a story line with minimal detail, encompassing an entire adventure in a poem. And it was amazing. Great job!!



about 5 years ago Rachel Danielle said:

Wow.Wow. Wow. This MADE my day-- it was a great story and an unbelievable amount packed into a short poem but still fast paced and interesting. It is usually difficult for authors to make stories out of poems without making them confusing, and yet there was only one part near the beginning to confuse me: “Saved by begrudging brother…” I didn’t know quite if that was Maksen being saved by his egotistic brother, or him doing the saving. The imagery of one moon rising to outshine the other tied the ending together perfectly. It is most certainly worth the brief read for poetic thrill and a story combined!


over 5 years ago Katie Chaos said:

Thanks for the review and like! :) Like I said in the description, I’m hoping to continue it after the contest so it ended up sounding more like a chapter than a finished story. As for your poem, I love how you wove it into a story, and I think the fact that it had no structure made it even better :) I was a little confused by the story, probably because I haven’t read your novel that it’s based on and it’s a lot to grasp in a six-minute poem. You’re a great writer, though, and this has a nice flow – well done!