Patricia Pan

Patricia Pan

8 chapters / 2520 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


Who DOESN'T love Peter Pan? Well, now he has a sister. Like her brother, Patricia Pan can fly.
Spark, or Tinker Bell, has been Banished to the real world, and now that she is gone, the Isle of Everlasting is falling apart.
Then there's Peter. He doesn't ever come out of his hut. He's depressed, and feels guilty. He mopes around in the hut all day long, and Patricia is getting sick of it.
When Hook begins to take an interest in a boy named Warren, Patricia does everything in her power to keep Hook from taking him.
Not for the reasons you'd think, though. She doesn't want to protect him from an awful fate, she just wants to keep intruders out of the Isle of Everlasting. Especially after what happened to Wendy....


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over 5 years ago Thea Ocampo ~Haibara said:

This was amazing. Love your descriptions, does this have a continuation? If it does, tell me. I'll be looking forward to read more. It was funny and hilarious. Loved it!



over 5 years ago Lauren said:

Hahahaha, I love how closely you made Pat's character to Peter's old self, and I like how the beginning chapter was nearly a letter left for "Spark". The names, the change of names and the new idea is really cool too!! nice job :P

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over 5 years ago Lee Morvan said:

wow i really like this!! keep going!!! :D


over 5 years ago Jessica H said:

Interesting idea! I love Peter Pan. You should definitely continue writing more of this :)



over 5 years ago Kiara A Diehl-A said:

this is way better than the original peter pan, i like Patricia Pan! It's like a whole new twist to the original, it is way better!! Im going to read all of ur books even though that may take a while XD


over 5 years ago Parker Austin said:

This is hilarious! And it's so well in character with Barrie's novel, too. I LOVE that Peter has a sister - it's such a great idea, I can practically see her flying around the ship! An your dialogue is great too - a lot of people wouldn't have been able to pull off that whole Pan-Hook scene without making it sound cheesy, but I thought it was perfect.