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A/N: Thanks to radonvalley and RioTAngiE from deviantart.com for letting me use their photos for my cover.

"If you life ever gets wired up..." Aura wakes up different. Suddenly every device around her either shuts down or starts to go crazy. Her newly awaken powers force her to take part to an underground battle royal/race of others like her. Luckily she has help. Levi, who is determined to win, no matter what, but Aura's newly found strength might be a bit more than everyone had imagined.
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Action, Adventure, Novel


Squid recolor 2

almost 5 years ago Genevieve Motyl said:

Wow, this is brilliant! I love it so far. It's original, it's intense, it's mysterious; I only read the first chapter so far, but I am DYING to know who the blue-haired man is! You have a nice voice and the dialogue is clear and entertaining. There are quite a few grammar issues, but I know that you are already aware of that. It isn't very distracting (your english is very good for it not being your first language!), but it's just something that you should keep in the back of your mind. Overall though, I really do love it! It's so interesting! Brilliant work; I'm going to finish now! :)


almost 5 years ago X said:

Awesome ppiece... Altogether it makes for an awesome read! Well done! :) Could you please heart my short story "57 BLOCKS" and leave me your short feedback in return? Thank you in advance! Happy Holidays and best wishes xoxo


over 5 years ago Camille Flores said:

Interesting! Very-well written!


over 5 years ago Amanda's Notebook said:

I loved this chapter! My only comment is that I think you use the word "sneer" when you mean "smirk". A smirk is a wry smile where a sneer is almost evil like. But other than that, a great read!



over 5 years ago Amanda's Notebook said:

Oh. My. Good.Ness. That was EPIC! I read the whole thing! And I have to say I was VERY disappointed when it ended. Please tell me you have the next chapter ready!! I did notice A LOT of spelling and grammer errors, but they are easier to catch if you just do a quick read through, or copy and paste it into word. Also, the situation where she's in the basement with Levi and Leeway and Burnu is a little...vague and fast paced. You may want to add another chapter or work on the dialogue a little. This idea was very original and after some tweaking, I seriously think you should submit this to publication :)

Please post a note on my wall when you add more. Thanks!

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