Just a Dream

Just a Dream

1 chapter / 1370 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


This is a book about remembering the past, and not being able to let go.
Constructive criticism is welcome, and thank you for reading :)



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about 1 year ago Caitlin Fowler said:

I really like your story. The only thing that I had a suggestion about is you had said "...as I lay myself in bed..." You could say either "...as I lay by myself in bed..." or "...as I lay in bed..." Other than that you have a really good story and I love the way that you write! Keep up the good work, you are very talented!


over 5 years ago Lauren Sapp said:

This was soo sad! It was also a good depiction of how heartbroken people can get after a breakup. This was really good, but there were a few typos. (i should be I, Identify should be identify, etc). Otherwise, keep writing!