She Devil

She Devil

1 chapter / 1165 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


* Goddess Interupted Finalist*
Mary-Kate is in love. But when her husbands ex-girlfriend pops up into their lives again, she starts to become frustrated. That is, until a certain secret destroys them forever.


Writing, Comedy, Drama
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about 4 years ago Ilan Walania said:

nice this is the exact thing i was and apparently everybody else was looking for keep up the good work


over 4 years ago Pri said:

Gosh...that was a really entertaining read. It was concise but didn't lack any detail. Loved it! Maybe you could make a novel out of this? I would really like to see Mary-Kate get back at Jason and Beth! Thanks!


over 4 years ago Caitlin said:

Please write more!!!


almost 5 years ago Jadis Rodriguez said:

Oooooh snap. Jason is so in for it. Well done



almost 5 years ago Viktoria Silver said:

The dialog really drives the story at a rapid pace. Great job at keeping the reader engaged.


over 5 years ago kimberly taschereau said:

hey sweetheart you should totally write that in a full story just saying it was amazing!!!!!! XD so maybe you should be thinking about writing that in a full book instead of a short story