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My name is Peridot Sanders, AKA Perry-Ella at my school. I know what you all are thinking when you read that. It's something along the lines of, "NOT ANOTHER FREAKING CINDERELLA STORY!" Yes, it is. I am (apparently) another Cinderella story, even though I am nothing like a princess. I love sports, hates school, and suck at cooking and cleaning. But I still end up with the perfect guy and make all the girls (especially my step-sister) jealous. But you know what's funny about this? My prince charming is more like Cinderella than I am. Because Cinderella knew who her prince charming was, and he didn't know her until the end. But in my fairytale story, I didn't know HIM at all, but he knew me.


Drama, Romance, Novel


about 5 years ago Elizabeth said:

I really liked this. Good beginning and please write more!


over 5 years ago Sophie said:

I loved this - so original and unique! Love your style, too. Your voice really came through in your main character. Really awesome work! Consider entering it in the justine magazine contest, maybe?


over 5 years ago Jenna Rayman said:

Really nice job! Interesting and well done take on the story. You have a really nice voice - descriptive and detailed. You did a great job drawing your reader in and keeping them interested. Really well written! No errors I caught.


over 5 years ago Emily Skrutskie said:

This is really nice - definitely a solid start. I agree with Ami Chan's criticism. Keep writing!



over 5 years ago John Winthrop said:

You should avoid using the passive voice. (A plate of so and so was placed in front of me). I do like the introduction, though I think it needs a bit of clean-up. Overall, the writing is not bad. The names seem contrived at best and mary-sueish at worst, but that can be overlooked- providing the rest of the book is good. Go back and edit, and you might have something.


over 5 years ago Rachel Musick said:

I like this, a lot. I just feel like a little more imagery would put it over the top. Really great, though. can't wait to see more.