Halfway There

Halfway There

1 chapter / 564 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


We were all used to outspoken girls who never knew when to shut up, and here she comes challenging everything we thought we knew.



over 5 years ago TheHalf-Light said:

This is interesting... Not too sure where it's going, but this is a good start! KH


over 5 years ago CinnamintCherry said:

You have a very intriguing story here, so far. I love how your MC would narrate. My critique, however, would be to show your readers a little more detail. I mean, I could picture nothing more than what your MC says and that's okay sometimes, but not very good. Telling your readers would eventually become dragging. Use your senses and show us what's happening! Story-wise, you have a good beginning here and it gives a mysterious feel to it. Good luck on developing this! :) Keep writing.



over 5 years ago Alex Smart said:

Really interesting and I can't wait to


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