2 chapters / 2833 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


*Glorious cover designed by the splendid 'Eva Llewellyn'*
A comical tale of one alien's unexpected trip to planet Earth - Work in progress



over 5 years ago Lieder Madchen said:

Oh, this is awesome! I love the alien and the unexpected intelligence of the cows was hilarious. Keep it up!

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over 5 years ago A said:

I loved this. It was really entertaining and I liked how the reader gets to be inside of the aliens head. The whole part about Mondays had me cracking up. You should totally continue it!


over 5 years ago Kayelin R said:

Needs some spelling/flow work, but I like the content here. :D


over 5 years ago Allykat said:

I'm not even a huge science-fiction fan, but this was absolutely amazing. I liked the alien a lot as a main character.

"What's a Monday? Clearly a terrible thing." So true. I burst out laughing at that line.



over 5 years ago Epiphany M. Hunter said:

Your description is good, as usual. I enjoyed the writing style and the comical plot of everything. The point of the writing was a bit unclear to me, though. Unless it was just simply supposed to be about an aliens trip to earth, then that's alright. I actually really don't have much to say, actually. I do enjoy the character and his experiences. I think they were very fun to read, and the alien is very lovable. He's very pulled back and sarcastic.

Overall it's a good piece of work. Great job.