Footsteps in the Dark

Footsteps in the Dark

11 chapters / 5156 words

Approximately 26 minutes to read


This is the rough draft of the screenplay I am writing for Script Frenzy. It is about a boarding school in New York. I hope you like it. Keep in mind that this is a rough draft.

-not completed-



about 5 years ago Noella Turk said:

I love this!!! If you are interested in writing for a tv show or movie, join the group "Screenwriting Central :^)"


over 5 years ago Lily Rose Marie said:

This is really cool! Only thing to watch: How they are talking. Use words that middle school girls might use. Instead of "That's a good point," most people would just say, "good point." Just watch for things like that. As a screenplay, it's meant to be written differently than a normal book.


over 5 years ago Violet Heart said:

I enjoyed reading the script which was amazing! I really like where your taking this


over 5 years ago Kristy Bowman said:

its good!!! please read my book called The Child



over 5 years ago Elizabeth Rose said:

I really liked the plot ,but i think you need to edit how they talk. no offence ,but do you know any 6th graders who talk like that? But other then that it was really good.

Fox fire

over 5 years ago Seraphim Rose said:

First of all, I REALLY enjoyed the first scene! It pulled me in and made it to where I just had to read more! Good job! In scene 2, after Colleen says "Neither can I," there is an unnecessary "the" in the next line. There are a few minor things after that, but it's only the rough draft so it doesn't really matter. Really good job with the first scene, though. I can't get over how that just dragged me in. It's a good piece. Keep it up. :]