Where We Began

Where We Began

1 chapter / 1071 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


I don’t know if you remember the feel of the spring rain against your cheeks, and the steady thump, thump, thump of our hearts as they beat together in perfect synchrony. Maybe you don’t remember anymore, that memory cast away into the darkest corners of your mind as you searched for more than silent nights underneath the stars, and stolen kisses in your car.



about 5 years ago Lauren Sapp said:

I can totally relate to this story....I hate breakups. They hurt more than anything I've ever experienced. This was really good. Don't change a thing about it.

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over 5 years ago deafening silence said:

You are an amazing writer. Your style is amazing, and you made something simple--a break up-- a really interesting 1071 words! You have a new follower.


almost 6 years ago emma kate said:

Your style is beautiful.


almost 6 years ago Ria MCDon said:

Emotion is deep. I like it!


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