The Amazonian Exploit

The Amazonian Exploit

10 chapters / 9385 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


*First: Thank you to God for the cover.* My name is Jonathan Mandel. I'm not gonna lie...I'm a coward, and a nerd. And I'm curious. For some reason, the government decided that those are the qualities they want in recon agent, so they picked me to be their man. Well, boy.



almost 6 years ago Eriny Hany said:

I got a lil bit confused but that is what engaged me more , The fact that I wanna know what happens next in the story . I loved it all so great job .


almost 6 years ago Spattergroit said:

I only got to read the first three, but from what I've read, fantastic! Amazing descriptions! When I write I usually forget to put in descriptions but you're an expert:)


over 6 years ago SongBird's Ballad said:

I finished what's there! I have to say chapter nine is my favorite. I like how you described what he feels in the running. And, I've always come up with characters, but you put some of yourself in it! I think that's brilliant.

Really, really enjoyed it!

Your Jewish Friend, PC


over 6 years ago Tom "JellyBean Sjöden" Stack said:

This sounds awesome. I love it so far. I also love the CHERUB series.



almost 7 years ago Kimberly said:

i loved this!!! and just an fyi: i love your profile picture!!!! its very cute, but i hope its up there bc you like music!!! not just cuz... ***BLAZE OF GLORY- BON JOVI Just me personal favorite, spread the love