I Don't Bite

I Don't Bite

4 chapters / 11674 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Life was boring in Seoul, South Korea for young Lee Taemin; he simply never thought life would be any ... Fun. That is, until he met mysterious Lee Jinki {Onew}, Kim Jonghyun {Jonghyun}, Kim Kibum {Key} and Choi Minho {Minho}. The four boys are inseparable, and are willing to let Teamin join them in all their glory. Taemin has the time of his life with the four elder boys, constantly causing trouble and getting into mischief, but always making it better by the end of the day. Teamin feels as if he's really found his place in life. Until, that is, they try to drink his blood! They're vampires! How will Taemin handle all of this? Will he just go on as if it's nothing and continue living the way he is, or will he freak out and forget about his friendships?



over 5 years ago Anna Eshelman said:

Oh my goodness, a SHINee fanfic. I saw this and absolutely HAD to read it. Your descriptions are wonderful. However, I spotted a few typos and one minor error: right after Minho bites Taemin, you say that Taemin starts crying. Then, when his picks up the panda, you say that he starts crying. Isn't he crying already? Just a thought. Overall, though, I liked this. Please write more!!

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over 5 years ago Chelsea comber said:

I like the way you've written it ... however, as a SHINee fan I have to say, I really didn't like the story. If it was some other group like Super Junior, FT island or SS501 I would heart it.


over 5 years ago Olivia D. Knight said:

Oh man, this was great! I was actually surprised at how good it was, and could definitely see this as a graphic novel/manga/manhwa. -Dances around- If I could draw better, I'd do it for you, but sadly my style is to "kawaiiko" aughhhhhh~ If only! I love shounen-ai. I was surprised to see this pop up when I searched!!!!


over 5 years ago Cari Adel said:

Oh my gosh, it's Yaoi. XD (Sorry, I just wasn't expecting it when you mentioned that in the Author's Note.)

Overall, the writing was entertaining, and I find it interesting that you decided to write a fanfic on a South Korean band. The description is also really good. I found one typo in the first chapter:

“Shh, Taemin darling, [it’s] ok …”

You seem pretty knowledgable on South Korea. Do you watch a lot of dramas? Anyway, it was pretty good. Good job!



over 4 years ago Little Amy said:

This was very funny! And cute. I loved it!


over 5 years ago Lucy Marie said:

You did a good job with this, but I don't have time to read the whole thing. I'm sorry, it's a bit too long. But I really enjoyed the parts I did read so maybe I'll come back and read some more if I get the time. Nice descriptions, I liked them. They made good imagery. Your writing is really good, I didn't see any errors. Great job!